Strategic workforce and headcount planning made simple

The challenges of scaling are vast and one of the largest is operating in a lean, disciplined fashion while ensuring you don’t over/under hire and impact the path to profitability when making headcount planning decisions.

Workforce Headcount Planning Software

With the right software, headcount planning isn’t a guess

Too often, headcount planning is finger in the air equations instead of leveraging operational data to indicate when we may need to hire someone.

Demand uncertainty

If you don’t have the capacity to model out the impact of hiring, there’s going to be some uncertainty as to what you need (and when you need it).

• Difficult to predict requirements
• Risk of overstaffing
• Risk of understaffing

Workforce costs

Hiring and retaining employees incur significant costs, including salaries, benefits, training expenses, and recruitment fees.

• Limited budget for hiring
• Opportunity cost
• Wasted resources

Complexity of factors

Headcount planning needs to consider a wide range of factors. Managing the complexity of these factors and their interdependencies can be overwhelming.

• Seasonal fluctuations
• Technological advancements
• Workforce demographics

Increase business longevity with workforce planning software

Hiring is one of the hardest challenges in a scaling business. Abacum gives you the tools to make data-driven decisions about your headcount and workforce, and measure the impact over time.

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Consolidate and standardize

Bring your HR data, CRM data, operational data and more into one workforce planning platform to model out the impact of hiring.

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Reconciliation simplicity

Easily reconcile budget vs actuals data as your hiring reality changes and push this variance out to other linked models.

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Scenario complexity

Abacum’s headcount planning software can handle deep layers of complexity for in-depth scenario planning.

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Improve decision making

Headcount planning is notoriously difficult. Abacum’s FP&A software gives you all the tools you need to act.

Workforce Headcount Planning Software

Key features of Abacum: Headcount Planning

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Integrated modeling

Integrate HR data into your existing existing models, scenarios and spaces – creating the ultimate headcount planning solution.

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Scenario planning

Build scalable scenarios based on ramp time, search duration, bonus structure – anything you need to find the right strategy for you, using our workforce planning software.

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Collaborative process

Bring key decision makers into the hiring process to improve stakeholder buy in, departmental cohesion and accountability.

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