headcount planning, made simple.

Create connected headcount plans for every budget owner that drive your business objective.

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People drive your business forward

But they’re also a significant investment, totaling up to 80% of costs. Managing headcount is challenging, particularly when a lot of existing methods are…

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Without a clear workflow, headcount operations are siloed, impacting collaboration and alignment.

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Headcount changes happen all the time and for finance teams, every change is more manual work.

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As complexity grows, demand for planning increases, impacting stakeholder productivity.

Implement scalable workflows

Simple workflow process

Use your headcount data to build an end to end headcount workflow and gain time visibility into your headcount plans. Evolve your workflow over time with flexible building.

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Multi-level approvals

Create approval flows for headcount changes. Build traceability into the headcount process and align decision making with clear, approval functionality.

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Robust access controls

Define role based permissions for users, segmenting views and actions at different layers of Abacum to protect sensitive information and ensure that actions are controlled.

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Collaborative experience

Invite stakeholders, open discussion threads, share spaces with investors and more. Make headcount planning a truly collaborative experience in one central platform.

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“With its intuitive interface, it is easy to adjust your plans as needs change during your headcount planning.

The snapshot functionality provides a clear, real-time overview of your staffing levels over time, helping you make informed decisions quickly.”

Clemens Müller,

Senior Controller, Digital Careers Institute

Automated reconciliation

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No more manual updates

Auto-Import your actuals and reconcile variances between budget and actuals for a real-time view on your metrics.

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Real-time data

Update your budget and push these changes automatically to all related models and spaces to create a connected business plan.

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Powerful budgeting

Streamline your whole budgeting process and plan headcount strategically all from one platform.

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Single source of truth

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Combine all your data

Combine your HR data with operational and finance data, inside Abacum.

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360° view for everyone

Provide all stakeholders with a trusted central repository to forecast with confidence.

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Self-service integrations

Leverage 30+ HRIS Integration’s with out of the box connectors. Check out the full list.

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