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“Very easy to build reports, and have my data ready”

Xavier Castellana


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”With Abacum, I have all the tools I need to answer the questions that would go unexplored before. I can write analysis, build graphs & inform our leadership team with recommendations”

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Pieter Hugo

Revenue Manager

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”With Abacum, we stopped budgeting by emailing spreadsheets. Our 30+ Budget Owners became collaborators, understood their performance, & gave us the visibility to plan.”

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Maria Lapucci

FP&A Manager

”With Abacum, I can create dynamic models in ways I would never be able to if I were still using spreadsheets”

Ben Liepmann

Senior Accounting Manager

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“I prefer Abacum than Excel to do analysis. The table builder is way easier to get my analysis”

Michael Hein

FP&A Manager

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“We went from budgeting in spreadsheets, to unlocking collaboration and better decisions with 30+ budget owners in Abacum”

Nerea de la Fuente

Finance Controller

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“This has been a total success, I was able to answer a business-critical question from the CEO in minutes where as before it would have taken hours”

Elana Szemenyei

People Operations

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“The experience, collaboration, and reporting is above my expectations”

Sonam Bechoo

Finance Manager

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Strategic finance teams spend 75% less time on manual tasks with Abacum

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