Granular performance management software

Abacum’s solution removes the guesswork from BvA and gives you the clarity to easily manage departmental performance, keeping the business on track in unison to hit your strategic revenue and growth goals.

performance management software

Performance management shouldn’t be divisive

Performance management make clear whether a department is on track or not, yet so many organizations lack the software to build accurate performance metrics.


Department managers need to be involved in the budgeting process – to feel included and have ownership of their numbers.

• Difficult to see underperformers
• Unclear performance drivers
• Departmental friction

Resource allocation

It’s difficult to allocate revenue successfully, and the less accurate we are, the worse the tail effects can be.

• Misaligned strategic priorities
• Wasted resources
• Missed opportunities

Missed targets

Not meeting key objectives can have a massive impact on performance throughout the business.

• Employee demotivation
• Difficulty identifying root causes
• Loss of market share

Performance management with accuracy

As a business scales, its complexity scales, and monitoring departmental performance becomes more challenging.

Abacum’s software enables organizations to build complex models and performance metrics that provide real time updates on variances, making monitoring performance management easier.

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Automate performance management decisions

Stop manually updating performance management metrics and build models that automatically communicate with all stakeholders.

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Advanced analytic solutions

Abacum’s performance management software provides granular modeling and analytics capabilities to simulate different scenarios.

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Agile decision making in performance management

Real-time reporting and analysis allows finance teams to advise key investors with timely insights, enabling decision-making.

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Risk mitigation for performance management

Abacum’s software supports flexible data analysis, complex scenario modeling and risk indicators.

performance management software

Key features of Abacum: Performance Management

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Variance analysis in BvA

Compare actuals against budgeted performance to identify variances.

Unlike traditional performance management models, compare performance across a range of metrics to address unfavorable variances and focus on favorable ones.

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ROI models

Evaluate the financial returns generated by investments relative to their costs to help you make performance management decisions.

Abacum’s software helps organizations prioritize investment opportunities and measure the effectiveness of capital allocation.

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Simulate various hypotheticals like market conditions, pricing strategies, or cost structures to assess their potential effects.

Abacum’s solutions helps you explore new scenarios to feel confident in your performance management.

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