Financial planning software for MarTech companies

From programmatic advertising to influencer management, marketing trends are always changing. FP&A tools help Martech Finance teams stay on top of the latest fads, maintain a steady view of company performance & pinpoint focus areas to drive customer conversion.

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All your customer metrics, combined

MarTechs value customer metrics - lifetime value, avg. purchase value engagement rates. They drive the growth strategy so it's important to keep it up-to-date and accurate. With Abacum's financial planning tool, you not only automate the data gathering but also the integration with financials to create a holistic view of your company performance.

Predict & forecast customer sales
like a pro

Operational performance drives how you forecast your future performance. Our intuitive modeling features make it easy to perform scenario planning so you're always on top of any situation. Seasonality? Covered. Facebook policy changes? Backup plan prepared. With automated modeling & forecasting, the future won't scare you.

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No more guessing customer growth assumptions

Getting input from business partners to base your forecasting assumptions on can be slow and tedious. With Abacum's collaborative FP&A platform, you pull in your stakeholders instead of chasing after them through endless emails. That's efficient business partnering.

Why Abacum?

Discover Ironhack’s journey automating & collaborating with Abacum

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