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See how the modern SaaS CFO & under-resourced finance departments are saving days of manual work monthly & collaborating more effectively with sales, marketing & customer success.

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Simple collaboration, not endless email threads

The SaaS CFO & finance teams waste hours weekly on budgeting conversations. Whether you’re in hyper-growth mode or tightening belts to adapt to the new normal – our simple FP&A software makes it easy to work with different teams to discuss budgets & provide the insights your CEO & investors actually care about.

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Forecasting & reforecasting without the complications

Providing a solid forecast alongside Customer Success & Sales doesn’t have to be painful. With Abacum, you can automate your data prep by pulling in key SaaS metrics and datasets from Salesforce, Hubspot and Netsuite to provide an accurate picture of net new ARR & gauge the financial health of your business.

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Board decks in minutes (yes, minutes)

No more last-minute scrambling to ensure the numbers in your board deck are right. Our simple FP&A solution allows you to model scenarios flexibly, providing the strategic insights that investors require & the actionable nuggets that your team leaders need to increase revenues & reduce costs.

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Multiply the impact of your finance team

+260h per year*

saved by automating your financial and operational processes

5 times faster

analysing risks and opportunities facing your business

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4-6 weeks

to get your team up and running, saving you both time and money

*Based on customers’ usage of Abacum throughout 2022


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