Financial planning tools for
FP&A managers

Finance managers - you aren't just a support service. With the right financial planning tools, you can become the superhero your stakeholders always dreamed of having on their side.

FP&A tool for the whole company

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Finance managers are seeing immediate benefits


of finance resources saved per year

6 days

time saved preparing data


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No more frustration,
when you have automation

Too many finance managers fall into the trap of the "last-mile problem" - doing all the data prep but no time to squeeze out actionable insights. Our FP&A software changes that by automating data gathering & transformation, modeling & building forecasts, and creating reports that your stakeholders can actually understand & act upon.

Take the pain out of
the forecasting process

Sending never-ending email threads to business partners is not what you signed up for. Abacum can save you up to 3 days of work per month with simple collaboration features, allowing you to add budget owners to a space & tag them for rapid feedback. That's 3 more days to spend on the stuff your executive team actually needs from you.

Automated financial workflows
Financial planning and analysis software for SMBs

Numbers & reports you can rely on

No more sending out spreadsheets where you can't track versions or what was edited by others. With our finance automation solution, FP&A managers can control all their data & reports from a single platform without worrying about privacy, edit rights or untracked changes. The "he said, she said" problems are now a thing of the past.

I really love the platform. The experience, collaboration and reporting is above my expectations

Sonam Bechoo

Finance Manager

It was kind of the same analysis month-on-month due to lack of time . Now, our models update automatically & we have more time to look into the data.

Maria Guasch

FP&A Director

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