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Make the right decisions

Abacum transforms business planning into an agile, scalable process that drives the right company decisions

Financial planning

Connected business planning in real-time

Move away from maintaining disconnected and stale spreadsheets. With Abacum, your marketing funnel, revenue cohorts, headcount forecast, and business plan all come together in one real-time platform.

business planning

Model at 10x speed

Model your metrics with formulas you can easily understand and trace. Abacum’s multi-dimensional experience delivers both precision and accuracy at scale.


Always have a “what-if” plan in place

Stop duplicating your models. With Abacum, create any scenario in seconds, adjust your assumptions, measure the impact, and make the real-time decisions to deliver on your objectives.

scenario planning

Become a true business partner

Forecast, budget, and align the business. Abacum empowers you to create planning workflows, collect inputs, overwrite assumptions, and manage stakeholder permissions.

workflow budgeting

Discover Abacum reporting

Report, analyze, and drive business outcomes with real-time operational insights

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Finance teams spend 75% less time on manual tasks with Abacum

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