Abacum solutions

Abacum offers a suite of financial management tools, including reporting automation, budgeting and forecasting, workforce planning, consolidations, and cash analysis, which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Empower your business to build effective finance processes with smarter financial management tools.

Financial modeling software

Financial modeling software that enables your finance team to manage scenarios, analyze risks, and make informed decisions using real-time insights.

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Financial and operational consolidation software

Consolidation software that combines financial data from multiple entities and making it easy to analyze assets, liabilities, and other key financial metrics.

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Scenario planning software

Scenario planning software that simplifies the process of modelling multiple scenarios for businesses, regardless of their complexity.

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FP&A software

An advanced FP&A tool empowering your business decision making with smart automation for enhanced speed and confidence in financial planning.

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Financial planning and analysis software

Empower your finance team with advanced financial planning and analysis software to optimize time allocated to strategic analysis and planning.

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Financial performance management software

All-in-one financial performance management software with Notion-like interface for up to 5x faster analysis of business risks and opportunities.

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Board reporting software

Drive impactful boardroom presentations that offer comprehensive insights and accurate data to showcase your company’s performance.

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Financial variance analysis software

Streamline finance management reporting and variance analysis with Abacum’s automation, freeing up time and resources for more strategic tasks.

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Financial dashboard software solution

Simplify reporting with financial dashboard software that consolidates financial and operational data, providing a full view of your business KPIs.

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Financial forecasting software

Empower your business decisions with confident financial forecasts, as your finance team leverages Abacum’s automated data consolidation and streamlined workflow to drive efficiency and accuracy.

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Financial management software

Unlock the full potential of your mid-market business by gaining unparalleled control over your financial landscape – the key to a dynamic and responsive financial strategy.

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Empower your team with the tools they need to access real financial insights

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