Headcount Planning Template

Managing your people can be difficult – but with the right workflow in place, it can be transformative. Download this template to get a headstart on headcount planning.

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People are your biggest asset

But they are expensive, totaling up to 80% of costs. Managing them is challenging, particularly when traditional methods are often siloed, manual and unscalable.

If a company does not hire the right employees with the required skill sets, they will never be able to scale and become the company they were meant to be.

That’s why it is an absolute must that business leaders take their hiring decisions seriously and plan for future growth in a strategic manner. This is where implementing a scalable headcount planning process comes into play.

Headcount planning (also known as workforce planning or people planning) is an activity that helps organizations determine how many employees are needed to achieve company goals.

By bridging the gap between Finance and Talent Acquisition, both teams are better able to work together to make the right hires and ultimately set their company up for success moving forward.

To help you get started, the team at Abacum have created this easy-to-use headcount planning template which allows you to easily categorize new hires by department, position, location, and salary.

By following a more tactical approach to your hiring process, you and your team will be able to calculate total workforce costs and better plan for the future.

If you are ready to streamline your hiring process and build a team of high-performing professionals, download our headcount planning template.

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