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Our Story

Today, over 70+ fast scaling companies use Abacum. We have raised over $30M from world-class investors including Y Combinator, Creandum and Atomico.

“We want ambitious people that can take on the challenge of creating a solution for finance teams to shine in their organizations.” – Julio Mart√≠nez, CEO Abacum

Our Operating Principles

Abacum's operating principles -extreme ownership

Extreme ownership

A true leader takes 100% ownership of everything in their domain, including the outcome. This is the most fundamental building block of leadership that cuts across all other principles, at any level.

Abacum's operating principles - best version

Best version

We aim to achieve excellence in everything we do. Regardless of the day, remember to manage your priorities and let your values guide your decisions. Ignore the noise. Be you. Work hard. Keep learning.

Abacum's operating principles - hands-on


Insane attention to detail is vital at Abacum. Roll up your sleeves and be ready to get your hands dirty! If you need something and think it’s urgent or important for the company, don’t wait for anyone to do what you can do yourself.

Abacum's operating principles - collaboration

Daily feedback

It’s on us to help our colleagues improve, and it’s our obligation to provide as much constructive feedback as possible. Challenge everyone respectfully to learn and grow together, it’s the best way to care for each other.

Diversity, equality, and inclusion

Even with a fast-growing team, Abacum ensures that employees still feel like they are apart of something special. We strive to create a space where everyone gets to be heard, empowered, and can make a difference.

Abacum's team

Mental health, wellbeing, & work-life balance

Our perks include comprehensive healthcare coverage and other resources that support your mental health and peace of mind. We also offer a flexible hybrid workplace model that allows employees to work remotely two days a week. For those living away from our two hubs (Barcelona & NYC), we ensure that they have what they need to create a productive workspace at home.

Abacum's team at an offsite in 2021

Competitive salary, career growth opportunities, and a great impact

Joining Abacum means we’ve acknowledged your talent and as such, you should be compensated rightly for it. As a scaling business, we also offer multiple avenues to grow and develop your career, change career paths, or gain more responsibilities. We support employee growth by offering a constant challenge, wide career options, and continuous support across all functions of the business.

Abacum's team at an offsite in 2020

Getting together and having (a ton of) fun

We’re committed to giving our employees a place they’re excited to work at everyday. Whether it’s the people they interact with, what they are doing, or how they feel about the role they are in, we drive this through an exceptional culture rooted in ambition, customer obsession, and simply being good people.

Abacum's team at an offsite in 2022

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