Your financial and operational data, all in one place

Abacum is the most scalable FP&A solution to automate how you forecast revenue, control costs, and drive efficient growth.

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Real-time visibility

Connect your entire tech stack

Abacum seamlessly connects to all your business systems to consolidate your financial, operational, and headcount metrics — in one place.


Build your operational foundation

Transform your real-time data

With Abacum, it’s 10x faster to track the metrics that matter and build any analysis with automated data cleaning and enrichment.


Forecast and plan

Model with confidence

Create flexible financial projections and what-if scenarios with multi-dimensional and driver led models. Get the answers you need faster and in real-time.


Collaborative planning

Collect assumptions

Leverage your stakeholders to build reliable models with up-to-date assumptions. Surface potential risks to develop strategies for future planning cycles.

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Automate your reporting

Drive 360 visibility with off-the-shelf reporting templates. Focus on understanding the why from drill-down, to interactive visualizations, and automated real-time reports


Streamline processes

Set your organization for success

Define robust and transparent processes to drive stakeholder accountability and clear actions to help you reach business goals.

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Strategic finance teams spend 75% less time on manual tasks with Abacum

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