Automated reporting that empowers

Abacum transforms your complex financial and operational data into clear and actionable insights. We streamline your reporting process, providing you the right information in real-time, every time.

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Unlock real-time reporting

Stop manually updating your reports with a copy-paste. Abacum saves you hours of manual work by connecting to your accounting, CRM, HRIS and data-warehouse to automatically update all your reports in real-time.

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Start with our best-in-class reporting templates

Choose from one of our many interactive templates and create reports in seconds. Then, easily customize them to drive business performance with the quick insights your stakeholders need.

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Automated reporting and BvA

Our templates combine and automate data from your financial and operational systems for real-time budget vs actuals reporting.

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Report with 100% accuracy

Trust your numbers with hyper-accurate, up-to-date metrics that you can always report.

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Do more than just reporting numbers

Dive deep into your metrics and connect the dots between them. With just one click you can drill-down, detect variances, discover opportunities and predict any obstacles.

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Understand your business at the lowest detail

Go beyond the numbers with our advanced analytics to effortlessly drill-through or slice and dice your data.

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Visualize the story behind any metric

Create tables, visualizations, and apply custom formatting for impactful analysis and reporting without spending hours on the configuration.

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Drive accountability and results across the business

Move away from discussing performance over email. With Abacum you can become the business partner that delivers insights, drives accountability, and aligns stakeholders over performance with clear context.

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Drive clear accountability and collaboration

Break down silos or the need for Slack and email. Share insights, drive decisions, and align your strategies across the entire organization with live collaboration.

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Your reports are always ready to share

Prepare board materials, compare budget vs. actuals, and discuss performance both in Abacum or outside of Abacum with a crisp PDF.

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Discover Abacum planning

Model, forecast, and compare scenarios across your financial and operational metrics

Start planning with Abacum
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Finance teams spend 75% less time on manual tasks with Abacum

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