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See how modern CFOs are providing faster key insights to CEOs, investors & stakeholders with our FP&A solution. Abacum automates manual tasks so that CFOs focus on stuff they get paid big bucks for - rather than the distractions of data prep.

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2 weeks

total time saved to close entire
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accuracy of reports to stakeholders

2 FTEs

reduced headcount for same tasks

Data in real-time &

Configure your monthly, weekly, and daily reports using finance automation to ensure up-to-date information at your fingertips, whenever you need it. By managing your models in Abacum, you can rapidly create different scenarios & retrieve info that used to take you 5 to 6 steps before.

Be the CFO your
C-suite needs you to be

For your fellow CXOs to succeed they need the right financial information fast. Whether it's churn calculations, cost per lead metrics or a sales team forecast, with Abacum you can tag them on a simple dashboard rather than sending them one more Excel that needs (another) 30-minute call to explain.

No more finance silos,
just finance heroes

Finance shouldn't be a silo that "just does accounting stuff". Finance should be the strategic decision-making engine for growth. 100% of Abacum clients state that communication with different departments outside of finance improved after using our platform - and we're proud of "making finance friendly again."

Communication and working cooperatively with other teams has been pivotal for us, and we do that really easily in Abacum. Financial planning solutions that make that happen are valuable for the mobility industry.

Javier Delgado

VP of Finance

Having our data readily available to business partners makes a big difference. We’ve made faster & smarter decisions on a company-wide level because our forecasting is more powerful.

Xavier Castellana customer profile

Xavier Castellana


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