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See how modern CFOs are providing faster key insights to CEOs, investors & stakeholders with our FP&A solution. Abacum automates manual tasks so that CFOs focus on stuff they get paid big bucks for – rather than the distractions of data prep.

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ROI metrics

2 weeks

total time saved to close entire FP&A process


accuracy of reports to stakeholders

2 FTEs

reduced headcount for same tasks

Data in real-time & on-the-go

Configure your monthly, weekly, and daily reports using finance automation to ensure up-to-date information at your fingertips, whenever you need it. By managing your models in Abacum, you can rapidly create different scenarios & retrieve info that used to take you 5 to 6 steps before.

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Be the CFO your C-suite needs you to be

For your fellow CXOs to succeed they need the right financial information fast. Whether it’s churn calculations, cost per lead metrics or a sales team forecast, with Abacum you can tag them on a simple dashboard rather than sending them one more Excel that needs (another) 30-minute call to explain.

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No more finance silos, just finance heroes

Finance shouldn’t be a silo that “just does accounting stuff”. Finance should be the strategic decision-making engine for growth. 100% of Abacum clients state that communication with different departments outside of finance improved after using our platform – and we’re proud of “making finance friendly again.”

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