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Remove the uncertainty from revenue planning and identify how to maximize every $1 invested into your organization with our revenue planning and management software.

revenue planning software

Revenue planning is fundamentally guesswork

Finance teams have to be certain where to invest resources and be accountable for revenue forecasts, so that their financial plans generate the best possible ROI.

Missed targets

Without robust revenue planning in place, organizations can struggle to set realistic performance targets.

• Financial underperformance
• Cash Flow constraints
• Missed growth opportunities

Resource constraints

Poor allocation of resource hinders revenue growth and competitiveness, resulting in:

• Understaffing
• Loss of competitive advantage
• Limited product development

Poor decision making

Inadequate revenue planning doesn’t support good decision making, which increases the risk of:

• Departmental misalignment
• Poor investment decisions
• Stakeholder confidence loss

Complex revenue planning and forecasting made simple

Revenue certainty doesn’t need to cost 40+ hours a week. Build complexity, automate processes and measure real-time performance with the most scalable revenue planning and forecasting software.

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Automation of revenue planning

Integrate all of your datasets and stop losing time to manual revenue planning tasks.

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Up-to-date scenario planning & forecasting

Conduct revenue scenario planning to evaluate the impact of different scenarios, assumptions, and variables on projections and forecasts, with all data automatically updated.

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Strategic collaboration

Ensures revenue planning & forecasting initiatives are integrated with broader business objectives, driving cross-functional alignment through an integrated revenue planning platform.

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Resource allocation optimization

Abacum enables organizations to allocate resources effectively to revenue-generating activities with the highest potential for growth.

revenue planning software

Key features of Abacum: Revenue Planning

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Cohort models

Understand customer behavior with granular cohorts modeling to identify where best to invest your go-to-market efforts.

Track deviations over time, intercept performance dips quickly and pivot in real time to maximize the ROI from your GTM teams and manage revenue more effectively.

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Bull vs. Bear scenarios

Model revenue variances to plan and forecast for a range of revenue scenarios and ensure you’re budgeting for all possible outcomes.

Reduce marketing spend? Add new sales reps? Make sure you have all the data you need to make the right decisions with our leading revenue planning software.

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Top-down or bottom-up?

Leverage Abacum’s software solution to build a range of revenue planning & forecasting models, top down or bottom up.

Ensure that targets are aligned to the strategic goals of the business while still monitoring the underlying performance drivers and being agile enough to pivot when needed.

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