Real-time financial reporting software for all stakeholders

Abacum’s financial reporting software removes the manual reporting demands and provides seamless ways to share key information for stakeholders across your business.

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Investor reporting is ineffective & time-consuming

Investor reporting is a time-sensitive exercise that takes up finance resources, but traditional methods can leave a lot to be desired as reporting demands increase.

Unaligned reporting

Investors and stakeholders have varying expectations. Manual financial reporting takes time, resources and risks errors.

• Unrealistic expectations
• Misaligned growth prospects
• Future frustration and disappointment

No transparency

Poor financial reporting for corporate investors creates a lack of transparency around financial performance.

• Investor uncertainty
• Funding challenges
• Loss of trust from stakeholders

Multiple segments

Creating multiple financial spreadsheets every month that showcase different information is a scalability nightmare.

• Higher probability of costly mistakes
• Increasing workload on finance teams
• Sharing incorrect financial information

Automate financial performance reporting

As investor demands increase, your workload shouldn’t.

With Abacum’s FP&A software, you can create real-time spaces for each stakeholder – so that all “What if” questions are answered inside their space for transparency and collaboration.

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Real-time spaces

Spaces can be created for each stakeholder group and contain any set of financial information, all updated in real-time.

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Fully customisable solution

Unlike financial spreadsheets, it’s simple to add new content, update models, or answer “what if” scenarios. Abacum’s corporate financial reporting software provides total flexibility to our users.

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Collaborative AI experience

Spaces allow users to comment on specific performance charts or figures, or utilize AI to summarize key financial information.

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Enhanced reporting through visualization

Abacum provides powerful visualization tools to present complex financial and operational data in clear, intuitive reports.

financial reporting software

Key features of Abacum: Investor Reporting

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Collaboration & AI

Improve every investors’ understanding and corporate accountability of financial data with collaborative reporting tools.

Alternatively, use Abacum’s AI tools to generate reporting summaries for specific charts or data.

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Dashboard segmentation

Build real-time spaces for all of your stakeholder groups to remove manual financial reporting requirements.

Abacum removes manual tasks so strategic finance teams can focus on other projects.

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Public spaces

Whether you’re an Abacum customer or not, our financial reporting platform enables you to create and share Public spaces with anyone.

Give external stakeholders real-time visibility into performance data that you control.

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