Plan Operating Expenses with precision

Every business has overheads. Teams who can manage costs with precision and control are the most likely to succeed in establishing long-term success.

Opex Planning doesn’t have to be difficult if you have the right software and tools for real-time, granular insights.

opex planning software

If we’re not controlling costs, we’re wasting profits.

Most businesses invest significant strategic resource into closing pipeline – but all this can be undone if there aren’t effective cost controls to keep operating expenses in line.

Budget overruns

Budget overruns happen. Without robust real-time insights, you can’t react fast enough, and the cost increases.

• Profitability challenges
• Cash Flow constraints
• Opex Forecasting difficulty

Resource constraints

Poor opex financial planning can result in resource shortages and even opportunity costs. This results in:

• Missed revenue opportunities
• Loss of competitive advantage
• Inability to hire new headcount

Prone to human error

Even one error with opex planning can be incredibly costly. This increases risk exposure when using spreadsheets.

• Higher probability of costly mistakes
• More time to opex plan effectively
• No confidence in forecasting accuracy

Real-time guardrails for opex financial planning

Opex planning should be rooted in automation. This helps finance teams move quickly, take definitive action when needed to control costs, and achieve growth targets faster.

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Real-time monitoring

Monitor opex performance continuously and quickly address any deviations from planned, budgeted for expenses.

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Remove manual errors

Automation and dimension mapping gives clients 0-error reporting to build a single source-of-truth for opex figures.

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Deep opex scenario analysis

Assess the impact of different variables on opex, such as changes in market conditions, pricing strategies, or operational efficiencies.

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Resource optimization

Integrating opex with FP&A processes like Headcount Planning and Revenue Planning facilitates better resource optimization.

opex planning software

Key features of Abacum: Opex Planning

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Measure your customer acquisition cost across a range of markets to understand where to best invest your resources.

Abacum provides unlimited modeling capabilities and easy ways to share, compare and discuss strategies to minimize spend and control opex.

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Department Spend BvA

Set up dashboards for each department to measure their performance against opex budgets.

These dashboards are kept updated to improve collaboration and understand when overspends are happening & what changes can be made.

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Opex variance analysis

Dig into the granular detail of cost drivers to understand variances and opportunities to reduce costs further.

Are there seasonal variances? Market variances? There’s no dimensional limit to scenarios in Abacum’s opex planning solution.

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