The FP&A solution of choice for Marketplaces

Be one step ahead & adapt to changes in supply & demand data in real-time. With our FP&A solution, have your operational metrics, inventory & customer data up-to-date & ready for fast & smart decision-making.

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Always-on, up-to-date vendor & customer data

Serve both your vendor & consumer teams with fast & accurate insights. Stay ahead of the game and be prepared for your customers' ever-changing purchasing habits. With fast and accurate finance automation, analysis of customer data & shopper trends can be easily prepared to build performance reports & forecasts.

Replace disparate data with intuitive dashboards

Whether it's product catalogs, sales channels or customer types, the modern marketplace finance team shouldn't struggle to get rapid & up-to-date information. With Abacum's FP&A software, sync data automatically and build models so that any changes are immediately reflected. More time finding insights, less time wasted on manual, tedious data wrangling.

Never miss an important message

Numbers aren't natural for everyone. For collaboration to work, it's important that discussions are straightforward, simple & next to the data (rather than over hundreds of emails). Whether it's revenue optimization or commissions & fees, our financial planning solution harmonizes the relationship between finance and other departments.

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Trusted by these marketplace companies

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Read garten CFO Mark Dirsa’s thought on collaboration in our AHA! Finance interview

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