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Financial planning software for Fintech companies

Whether it’s people planning for new markets, modeling the impact of regulatory changes or providing updates to investors – financial planning software is critical for the modern fintech finance team to thrive.

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Collaboration that really means true partnership

Enough copy-pasting numbers from one spreadsheet to another. The fintech CFO & finance teams waste hours weekly on budgeting conversations. Whether you’re launching in new markets or navigating regulatory challenges – our simple financial planning software makes it easy to work with different departments to discuss budgets & provide the insights your CEO & investors actually care about.

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Cash management & planning made easy

As the fintech sector continues to gain acceptance & market share vs. traditional finserv players, the pressure is on finance teams to manage cash in line with growth. With Abacum, you can rapidly carry out scenario analysis, build financial models based on best & worst-case assumptions, update forecasts automatically, all without the headaches of data prep.

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No more “too many tabs” moments

Budgeting alongside different departments doesn’t have to be painful. Our collaborative financial planning software creates a Single Source of Truth – where every single department can work & provide feedback without getting lost in dozens of Excel spreadsheets. Automate, collaborate & deliver, identifying insights your team needs, faster than ever before.

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Multiply the impact of your finance team

+260h per year*

saved by automating your financial and operational processes

5 times faster

analysing risks and opportunities facing your business

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4-6 weeks

to get your team up and running, saving you both time and money

*Based on customers’ usage of Abacum throughout 2022


How Ebury unified multi-market data with Abacum FP&A software

Ebury saved 7 days monthly by automating the extraction, transformation, and consolidation of financials across 20+ countries including a business acquisition.


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