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Discover how RevOps teams are using FP&A tools to automate key operational metrics calculations, drive top- down & bottom-up forecasting & work collaboratively with company stakeholders to deliver spectacular financial results.

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Operational & financial metrics in one

Sales metrics are your key concern but you also need to connect that for financials. Whether it’s ARR, customer retention, or CAC, Abacum lets you see those metrics alongside their financial implications so you get a fast and easy view of how you’re performing. And the platform is intuitive so you can do all this without finance.

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Quickly drive success with other teams

We know collaboration with different business units is important so why not make it easy. Need inputs to feed your sales reports? Request for it right next to your working data. Abacum’s FP&A software makes conversing with finance, supply chain, marketing & customer success doable in no time.

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Forecast sales & drive growth with confidence

Your future revenue stream is important so why not sleep easy by ensuring that it’s always accurate. Manual data integration & complex forecasting models often end in a lot of calculation errors. Our finance solution avoids all that by automating data integration & simplifying the modeling process. Get on reforecasting all day without the slug!

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