FP&A software for efficient budgeting and forecasting

Adopt a powerful Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) software to increase your business’s efficiency by automating manual tasks such as data entry and sync, and gain actionable insights into your current and future performance. Let Abacum help you and your financial team take a proactive approach to financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting with advanced integration and collaboration capabilities.

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Finance teams increasing efficiency with FP&A software

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Sync all of your business data with just one button

Do you have too many data source systems, making it difficult to establish a single source of truth? With Abacum’s financial planning and analysis software, you can automatically integrate all of your business systems in a centralized location with just a few clicks. Your entire company’s information will be available for you to define variables across the whole platform, enabling you to build efficient connections between the business drivers that impact your bottom line.

Abacum's interface showing functionality of auto-sync integrations

Achieve greater financial granularity and model more accurately

To effectively analyze your business’s financial health, your financial models must be both precise and accurate. It is no longer a matter of choosing between the two; you must deliver relevant data with a high level of detail on time. Achieving this is challenging with spreadsheets because updating information requires more manual effort. Luckily, Abacum enables you to gather all of your business inputs in real-time, update your actuals in one-click, and obtain outputs at a dimensional level of granularity. Which allows you to confidently predict your company’s financial future in a fraction of the time.

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No more questions about the syntax of your model

Enhance your financial planning process by adopting Abacum, the advanced financial planning software that provides a user-friendly, unified solution that all of your business’s budget owners will love to use. By adopting Abacum, stakeholders can easily understand your company’s financial forecasts, and you will be able to prepare and share actionable insights with other department Heads, making the process more intuitive, quick, and effective than ever before.

Abacum's modelling interface showing a variable with different data sources

Communicate through stories instead of Excel spreadsheets

Gone are the days when Excel spreadsheets were the only tool available for leading financial conversations. Today, FP&A software solutions allows for financial analysis to be conducted in one common space, providing all the necessary context to make sound strategic business decisions. With Abacum, you and your finance department can save time by automating the financial consolidation process, gain confidence in the accuracy of your data, and deliver stories to decision-makers in an easily digestible format, allowing them to identify potential challenges and opportunities faster.

Abacum's interface showing to show a report

All the integrations you need, available

Abacum makes possible the integration of hundreds of business data sources, providing accurate insights in a seamless user experience.

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What sets Abacum apart from other FP&A software solutions?

Easier set up

Keep all your business data in a single platform

Dimensional granularity

Adjust the level of granularity to meet your business needs

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Intuitive user interface

Engage all stakeholders through a user-friendly platform

Make efficiency a priority with Abacum

Abacum is an FP&A software that allows finance teams of large and small companies, to increase efficiency in real-time. With Abacum, finance leaders can optimize their operations faster than with traditional spreadsheets and keep all their business data in a single source of truth. It provides as many levels of granularity as a business needs, ensuring that financial decisions are always based on accurate and precise data. By implementing Abacum, you can establish accountability and transparency throughout your organization, making vast amounts of integrated data easily understandable, even for non-financial professionals. This promotes alignment among everyone involved in driving business performance, delivering actionable insights with real-time data, and working towards shared objectives.

Stages of data processing in Abacum

Get the most out of your data with Abacum

Join our community and share your financial data through stories.

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luis lin ironhack

Luis Lin

FP&A Associate

“Financial reporting for multiple markets is a complex process and with our reporting responsibilities, it was key that we didn’t waste time on painstaking work. Abacum came at the right time for us to optimize our tasks.”


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Michael Hein

FP&A Manager

“By implementing Abacum, we created dynamic and future-proof models that scale as fast as our business. This greatly improved the depth of our investor reports and gave me the time to add strategic value in our expansion and product offering.”


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nerea de la fuente profile

Pierina Nuques

Head of FP&A

“The onboarding process with Abacum was fast and efficient. Their implementation team provided us with the full support needed to use the platform for our month-end reporting, freeing up a lot of time from manual work.”


Customer stories

Meet the FP&A teams that are driving efficient growth in their organizations using Abacum’s software

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