Becoming a trusted business leader in a fully remote company with Oliver Friedrich

About the webinar

In this episode, Oliver Friedrich, CFO at Wildling Shoes, and Julie Jin, Abacum’s Head of BizOps, sat down to discuss how CFOs can become trusted business leaders in fully remote companies. 

They covered:

  1. How to build trust in a remote business environment 
  2. What are the rituals of a remote Finance team
  3. The importance of identifying the focus areas early on
  4. The importance of understanding the impact of your investments
  5. Tips for approaching personal development as a CFO

About Oliver

Oliver Friedrich is the CFO of Wildling Shoes, a German organization that manufactures minimalist shoes and puts collaboration, sustainability, and innovation front and center. As a seasoned Finance Business partner, Oliver oversees everything from Finance to Controlling, FP&A, Accounting, Indirect Procurement, and Legal. He has experience managing consulting projects with a focus on Finance and Operations, as well as implementing Cloud ERP solutions and positioning the Finance function as a relevant business partner.

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