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How Abacum helped AgendaPro secure critical funding with FP&A

When AgendaPro’s spreadsheet operation broke down, they needed to automate reporting and segment their geographical revenue – to help drive growth and secure a critical funding round.

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“The FP&A platform is incredibly fast and the Abacum team has been super supportive – new features are being released almost every month.”

Pablo Lucero, CFO

Pablo, CFO

AgendaPro is an all-in-one, web-based management platform.

Before Abacum, the team were working in Google Sheets, managing different currencies, building different P&L’s. The trigger to change came when their main sheet started to break.

“We had so many tabs, formulas, that the spreadsheet just couldn’t handle it.”

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Reporting at scale

Building automation into their reporting process was crucial to solving the manual reporting roadblock every month.

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Expanded planning

The finance team had too many time constraints working in spreadsheets to ever focus on deeper planning projects.

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Securing funding

To prepare for expansion financing, the team needed a scalable solution that could quickly map their P&L, unit economics and multi-year forecasts to different models.

AgendaPro’s key metrics

“At that point we said, we need something better.”

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7-digit financing

Abacum’s ability to model quickly was critical in securing debt financing.

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50% faster reporting

Automating their reporting operations reduced their intense monthly process.

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Zero reporting errors

Removed human error with fully automated & accurate data management.

The solution

AgendaPro implemented Abacum to solve challenges of scale, building automation into their reporting process and allowing the finance team to invest more time into deeper planning projects.

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Geo segmentation

Before Abacum, AgendaPro sold to each geographical market in the exact same way, due to a lack of time.

With Abacum, they were able to segment their selling: introducing self-service models and tailoring their sales model to fit each market’s unique requirements.

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Funding demands

When AgendaPro had a curveball during their risk evaluation stage and needed to prepare another analysis, the team were able to build a new model from scratch in 30 minutes – with all the proper mapping and depth required.

“We were able to create a space in Abacum to easily display all the information we needed to show financiers.”

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Revenue planning

The team wanted to drill down into revenue growth by country, by market, by customer segment and identify good and bad performance areas.

“Our industry benchmarks are updated year-on-year in Abacum, tracking our general performance against SaaS averages. We have charts where we can see every month if we are getting closer to the top quartile or industry median.”

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Scalable reporting

Before Abacum, the team’s monthly reporting took several intense days to finalize and often had a few manual errors.

“Our monthly reporting has been reduced to 2 days of reporting – the data is always up-to-date.”

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Collaborative spaces

Previously, the finance team had to share spreadsheets with each stakeholder, creating a tedious planning process.

“Abacum has fantastic sharing functionality, where you can control what spaces you show to each person or team.”

Why choose Abacum?

1. Get accurate, real-time insights.

2. Native integrations are reliable & easy to set up.

3. Dedicated support from an experienced FP&A team.

4. Consistent product roadmap and updates.

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