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Revolutionize your financial planning and analysis software Say goodbye to tedious tasks and hello to actionable insights that drive your business forward. Our advanced integration and collaboration capabilities empower you and your team to take a proactive approach to budgeting, forecasting, and business execution.

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Easily manage and sync your data with one click

Are you struggling to keep all of your business data clean and finding it burdensome to manually copy and paste during your consolidation process? Abacum’s seamless integrations centralize all your business’s data sources in a single location, setting your entire company up for success. With Abacum, you can easily define global variables to optimize key driver connections and boost corporate performance. By having a central place where the definitions are clearly defined, you will ensure that all functional leaders have access to the same information.

Abacum's interface showing functionality of auto-sync integrations

Aim for both, precision and accuracy in financial modeling

When it comes to effectively analyzing a business’s financial future, spreadsheets are no longer the preferred choice. While they are still a valid option, they are not dynamic enough for today’s fast-paced environment. Fortunately, financial planning and analysis software like Abacum enable precise and accurate projections by allowing dimensional level modeling. By consolidating and cleaning all your business data in a centralized location, Abacum can help you streamline the forecasting process, obtain detailed results in no time and plan ahead based on reliable numbers.

dataset manager settings in Abacum

Harmonize financial collaboration: Get everyone on the same page

Abacum is a comprehensive and powerful business planning software that caters to all your financial planning and analysis needs. With its intuitive user interface and features for collaboration and visualization, Abacum enables all your budget owners to easily understand and interpret complex financial data. It offers a finance workspace that is easy to use for everyone, promoting transparency and collaboration, and empowering senior management to have meaningful and informed conversations.

Abacum's modelling interface showing a variable with different data sources

Financial reports now skip spreadsheets

FP&A software has transformed financial analysis by providing a centralized platform for more accurate and efficient financial consolidation. Abacum’s automation and data validation features can help you save time to focus on what really matters and improve accuracy. With Abacum, you can deliver actionable insights in a visually engaging format that all stakeholders can understand. Don’t get left behind in the spreadsheet dark ages!

Abacum's interface showing to show a report

As many integrations as your business needs

Abacum breaks down data barriers and empowers businesses to analyze and consolidate information from any source system with ease.

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Faster implementation

Consolidate all your business data in one source of truth

Accurate level of data detail

Dimensional level of granularity to make informed decisions

Abacum FP&A Tip

User-friendly interface

Your stakeholders will have a clear and comprehensive view of the numbers

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Tired of working through spreadsheets to keep your finance team up to speed? Abacum is here to save your day! Our FP&A software increases efficiency in real-time, turning your finance leaders into the ultimate optimization heroes. It provides a single source of truth for all the details you need to make accurate and precise financial decisions. Plus, its easy-to-use interface and syntax make cross-departmental collaboration easy, even for non-financial stakeholders. Get everyone on the same page and working towards the same goals with Abacum, and unleash the potential of your team.

Stages of data processing in Abacum

Stay ahead of the future with Abacum

Join our finance heroes community and share your story.

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pablo l green

Pablo L.


“Abacum is very helpful if you are looking for a collaborative financial planning and analysis tool that helps you with your budget preparation, variance analysis and reporting processes.”

Mid-Market (51-1000)

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juan carlos r

Juan Carlos R.

VP of Finance

“The tool does not replace a FP&A person but it complements really well with their responsibilities. It has helped us automate a lot of the financial reports and reduce the preparation time.”

Mid-Market (51-1000)

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Customer illustration

Francesc M.


“Abacum has allowed us to reduce the time it took to report to our management team and do easy modeling and forecasting, using all the information that is automatically updated into the platform.”

Mid-Market (51-1000)

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