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Unlock the full potential of your mid-market business by gaining unparalleled control over your financial landscape. Introducing our cutting-edge Corporate Financial Management Software – the key to a dynamic and responsive financial strategy. Running a successful mid-market business demands real-time insights into your financial ecosystem. Abacum’s FP&A Software goes beyond traditional accounting tools, offering a comprehensive suite of features to elevate your financial management game. Make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition, elevate your financial management strategy today.

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Unify Your Financial and Operational Analytics Into One Source

To enable real-time analytics and meet financial goals, your business needs financial management software for business functionality, financial planning, budgeting, cash flow analysis, and everything in between. Bringing together financial data and operational data, Abacum provides a holistic financial snapshot, making it easy for FP&A teams to take action, update forecasts, and complete the budget approval process. It integrates well with a multitude of ERPs and source data systems such as NetSuite, QuickBooks, and AWS Redshift, connecting all critical business metrics in one location and creating customizable, interactive dashboards that easily communicate crucial operational metrics to the different stakeholders in your organization.

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What is Financial Management?

Financial management is the process of aligning business finances with business needs; if a new investment needs to be funded, costs need to be cut, or revenues need to be higher, financial management – including budget creation, actuals monitoring, data analysis, and more – is what’s happening in the background. The FP&A teams in any organization use financial management for budgeting, forecasting, trend analysis, and reporting.

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Access to Insights at Your Fingertips

The insights and information that come from the FP&A function provide critical data points about how to move forward and make beneficial business decisions. In order to enable effective financial management, organizations need strong underlying data sets, powerful analytical capabilities, and well-trained analysts working smoothly together with the rest of the business. With the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool and the best FP&A management software, your business can reach new levels of success.

Abacum's modelling interface showing a variable with different data sources

Tools and Data in One Place for Streamlined Access and Efficiency

When delving into financial management, it’s crucial to navigate through two essential channels. The seamless integration of ERP and source data channels is paramount as they converge into the reporting and analytical channel. This channel typically involves an FP&A tool, mirroring the capabilities of the software discussed in this article. Selecting the ideal financial management software hinges on aligning with the unique financial goals of your organization. Whether you adhere to zero-based budgeting and require software aligned with that methodology or you’re contemplating a comprehensive ERP overhaul, Abacum has the software solution for you.

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All the integrations you need, available in one place

Abacum makes possible the integration of hundreds of business data sources, providing accurate insights in a seamless user experience.

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Reduce Financial Errors

Easier set up

Keep all your business data in a single platform

Dimensional granularity

Adjust the level of granularity to meet your business needs

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Intuitive user interface

Engage all stakeholders through a user-friendly platform

With Abacum, potential errors are intercepted through automated checks, ensuring complete accuracy in financial accounts and preventing issues that could impact your business operations.

Enhanced Analytics and Reporting

Bid farewell to the days of chasing multiple stakeholders for critical financial information. Abacum’s software tools empower users with self-service reporting, delivering real-time analytics for quick and informed decision-making.

Stages of data processing in Abacum

Trusted, Clear Data

Achieve a new level of trust in your financial data. Abacum’s financial management software ensures seamless alignment of systems, enabling your finance team to provide instant answers, fostering confidence in the accuracy and transparency of every financial report.

Stages of data processing in Abacum

Time Saving Financial Solutions

Successful implementation of Abacum’s software translates to significant time savings for your FP&A teams. Improved reporting, reduced errors, and increased automation allow teams to focus on strategic business planning and predictive analytics.

Stages of data processing in Abacum

Get the most out of your data with Abacum

Join our community and share your financial data through stories.

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luis lin ironhack

Luis Lin

FPu0026A Associate

“Financial reporting for multiple markets is a complex process and with our reporting responsibilities, it was key that we didn’t waste time on painstaking work. Abacum came at the right time for us to optimize our tasks.”


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Michael Hein

FPu0026A Manager

“By implementing Abacum, we created dynamic and future-proof models that scale as fast as our business. This greatly improved the depth of our investor reports and gave me the time to add strategic value in our expansion and product offering.”


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nerea de la fuente profile

Pierina Nuques

Head of FPu0026A

u0022The onboarding process with Abacum was fast and efficient. Their implementation team provided us with the full support needed to use the platform for our month-end reporting, freeing up a lot of time from manual work.u0022rnrn


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