The 2021 FP&A Manager Profile at Scaleups

FP&A roles are increasingly becoming more valuable in today's corporate environment. Need to hire one? This infographic breaks down what's behind a FP&A Manager or Director at growing SaaS firms.

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Financial Planning and Analysis (or FP&A) has increasingly become more important, and FP&A roles more prevalent, especially this last year in response to the COVID pandemic. Companies have begun changing their forecast and scenario planning processes as executives want more assurance that they can withstand any future crisis. Large firms have always had some form of strategic finance capability to fall back on. But for startups and scale-ups who have not yet invested in someone for that role, where do you start, and what kind of profile are you looking for?

In this infographic fact sheet, we take a look at the profiles of 75 FP&A senior management roles from tech and SaaS growth companies: where they are based, what degrees they graduated from and what prior experiences they had. With this information, you should get a better idea of what makes a FP&A Manager or VP and what skills and qualifications you can look out for.

Here are some quick takes on the data:

Job Titles

50% of respondents were FP&A Managers and the rest a mix of Head, Director or VP. When it came to growing companies, however, role titles and responsibilties were not always aligned. Depending on size and complexity, role descriptions varied and a Strategic Finance VP in a small company could be doing the same tasks as a FP&A Manager at a larger scale-up.


In selecting the participants, we wanted to capture the reality of where most SaaS FP&A roles are situated. Sensibly, that fell on the startup hubs of San Francisco, New York and London. The key takeaway was that finance roles are becoming more remote, with the ability to competently fulfill the role objectives from a distance.

Work Experience

Most FP&A senior roles were rooted in some financial planning experience (average of 4 years). Industry knowledge has also driven the work experience requirements in selecting a senior role, especially when it comes to building accurate scenario planning. With more EdTech, HealthTech and MobilityTech companies arising, more opportunities have come up for engineers and professionals from the scientific space.


Within the full fact sheet you will find more details like demographics, educational background and certifications, years of work experience and salary ranges by location. Building effective FP&A teams begins with finding the right person to lead the charge.

Discover more about these roles by downloading the infographic, and get the search going for your FP&A Manager now!

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