Workforce-as-a-Service: Changing the Future of the Recruiting Industry

About the webinar

Join Felipe Navio (Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Jobandtalent) and Julio Martinez (Founder & CEO at Abacum) as they discuss the role of blue-collar workers during the pandemic and the future of the recruiting industry with workforce-as-a-service. Felipe shares his insights from the last 13 years since founding the company and how his role as a Founder has evolved.

What will you learn?

  • Felipe’s thoughts on the future of the recruiting industry
  • The role blue-collar workers have played during the pandemic and how its changing
  • At which point in time does the finance function start to play a bigger role in a company’s growth
  • His learnings from these past 13 years since the founding of the company
  • How his role as a founder has evolved
  • Advice for other founders and employees at early-stage startups

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