The New Gen of FP&A Leaders with Asif Masani

About the webinar

In this episode, Asif Masani, FP&A Manager at Coursera, and Julie Jin, Abacum’s Head of BizOps, sat down to discuss the fundamental qualities all modern FP&A leaders share.

They covered:

  1. The current hot topics and challenges facing FP&A leaders
  2. How to accelerate budgeting without sacrificing quality
  3. How the FP&A function is evolving
  4. When to hire an FP&A professional
  5. How automation can help Finance leaders become business partners

About Asif

Asif Masani is a seasoned FP&A expert with over 12 years of experience in financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, auditing, and taxation. Currently leading Coursera’s FP&A function for APAC and India, he is passionate about driving strategy, decision-making, and value creation for organizations. Along with being a modern FP&A leader, Asif is a content creator with over 40K followers on Linkedin and the author of the book “All about FP&A,” in which he shares his advice on developing essential FP&A skills in the present era.

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