Being a Leader in Times of Uncertainty

About the webinar

In the second episode of the “Uncertain Market Conditions” series, Julio is joined by Avi Meir, Co-founder and CEO of Travelperk, one of the largest business travel booking platforms. In this webinar, they dive into the complexities of operating in volatile and unpredictable situations and what founders can do to mitigate risks and failures.

If there is anyone who knows how to face a crisis head on, it is Avi, who led Travelperk through the global pandemic. They not only survived but managed to successfully grow and raise a $115 million Series D round right in the middle of the COVID period. Avi does not mince words as he shares his mindset and advice to any founder who is looking to make it through these next uncertain months.

About Avi

Avi Meir is an entrepreneur at heart, having successfully launched and grown two startups – Travelperk and Hotel Ninjas (acquired by Originally hailing from Israel, he has had a long and experienced career in the Travel space with stints at ELAL Airlines, and after it acquired his first venture. Today, apart from leading Travelperk, Avi also angel invests in companies like Amenitiz and Freeverse. Like any good nerd, Avi is a self-proclaimed Trekkie.

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