Operating as a Founder in Today’s Unpredictable Environment

About the webinar

In this webinar of our “Gen A” series in which we cover what to expect from the modern CFO and how they can play a transformational role in the organization, we have Ryan Denehy, Founder and CEO of Electric joining Julio Martinez Abacum’s CEO. 

In this conversation, they discussed: 

  1. Becoming a serial entrepreneur and seasoned CEO
  2. Operating and communicating with certainty during uncertain times
  3. The importance of executing and delivering results with less
  4. Why the VP of Finance is the non-obvious hire every Founder waits too long to make
  5. What does it really mean to be a strategic CFO
  6. The role of BizOps and RevOps in a fast-growing startup

About Ryan

Ryan Denehy is the Founder and CEO of Electric, which is revolutionizing IT support with the world’s first automated IT platform. To date, Ryan has raised over $200M for the company from the likes of GGV, Bessemer, Slack Fund, to name a few. Ryan is a 3x entrepreneur having sold his previous two startups to public companies.

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