May 3, 2023

How to Become a Modern CFO with Joyce Mackenzie

Becoming a Modern CFO | Abacum Webinar
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How to Become a Modern CFO with Joyce Mackenzie

About the webinar:

This episode of our “Gen A” webinar series brings together Joyce Mackenzie, Founder and CFO at Pegafund, and Julie Jin, Abacum’s Head of BizOps.

They covered:

  1. The four core areas to focus on as a modern CFO
  2. The importance of understanding the data to be a valued business partner
  3. How Financial Sprints can help create alignment across businesses
  4. How finance leaders are reacting to changes in market conditions
  5. Why spreadsheets are no longer compelling

About Joyce:

Joyce Mackenzie is the Founder and CFO of Pegafund, which provides CFO services, leadership training, and financial due diligence for high-growth SaaS businesses. As a seasoned finance leader with more than 14 years of experience working in Financial Services and Technology, Joyce is deeply immersed in the strategic planning and decision-making processes that startup operators must prioritize today. She also created the Designed to Scale blog, where she shares practical frameworks and tips on financial design and strategies for European B2B software startups and scaleups.

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