January 13, 2023

Transforming Finance Teams into Revenue Enablers

Growth in Uncertain Market Conditions | Abacum Webinar
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Transforming Finance Teams into Revenue Enablers

About the webinar:

This third episode of the “Uncertain Market Conditions'' series brings us David Wieseneck, VP of Finance at Demostack and Jorge Lluch, Abacum’s COO. Together they discuss how finance teams can help surface insights, drive decisions and deliver ambitious growth targets without compromising on capital efficiency. We asked the inevitable question though: how can you continue doing that when market conditions are volatile and the going gets tough?

Dave shares his perspectives on how the finance function can help drive business priorities and genuinely make an impact on the growth of a company, but not only that - he also reveals his interview secrets and shares his books and podcast recommendations. It is another webinar you do not want to miss!

About Dave:

As a seasoned finance professional, Dave has spent the last 10+ years working at fast scaling startups. He is currently VP of Finance at Demostack and embraces the generalist mindset, but throughout the years he has worn multiple hats and done everything from treasury to forecast and budgeting. As a recognized thought leader, Dave has already appeared in a multitude of webinars and podcasts, where he covered topics such as career acceleration, policy controls and scaling finance at startups.

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