May 3, 2023

Building a Robust Finance Function to Support Scalability

Adyen's CFO on Building a robust Finance Function | Abacum Webinar
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Building a Robust Finance Function to Support Scalability

About the webinar:

Join Ingo Uytdehaage (CFO at Adyen) and Julio Martinez (Founder & CEO at Abacum), as they discuss the role of a CFO at a scaling company, the importance of finance being a strategic partner to support the scaling business, and his learnings leading the finance team through an IPO successfully.

What you will hear?

  • The evolution of Ingo’s role as CFO throughout the years and the key to his success
  • Hiring tips to build a top-class finance team
  • The finance tech stack that best supports a scaling business
  • The importance of having Finance as a strategic partner to automate scaling
  • Ingo's learnings from a successful career as CFO

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