May 3, 2023

Achieving Ambitious Growth Targets in Uncertain Market Conditions

Growing in Uncertain Conditions with Terese Hougaard | Abacum Webinar
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Achieving Ambitious Growth Targets in Uncertain Market Conditions

About the webinar:

In this episode of our “Navigating Uncertain Market Conditions" webinar series, we have Terese Hougaard, Partner at Atomico, joining Julio Martinez, Abacum’s CEO. 

They discussed:

  1. The importance of understanding your customers 
  2. The key metrics to focus on for building a healthy company
  3. The value of retaining “game-changing” talent
  4. The importance of building a resilient culture
  5. Finding repeatable revenue growth through flywheels and experimentation

About Terese:

Terese Hougaard is a Partner at Atomico and a Board Member in high-growth B2B startups such as Qatalog, Sheeld Market, Vaayu, and Abacum. Terese has extensive experience as both a marketing operator and an investment partner, having worked for many well-respected companies such as Google, and CapitalG, among others. This unique career path has provided her with a deep understanding on how to advise founders with strategic and operational insights.

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