Achieving Ambitious Growth Targets in Uncertain Market Conditions

About the webinar

In this episode of our “Navigating Uncertain Market Conditions” webinar series, we have Terese Hougaard, Partner at Atomico, joining Julio Martinez, Abacum’s CEO. 

They discussed:

  1. The importance of understanding your customers 
  2. The key metrics to focus on for building a healthy company
  3. The value of retaining “game-changing” talent
  4. The importance of building a resilient culture
  5. Finding repeatable revenue growth through flywheels and experimentation

About Terese

Terese Hougaard is a Partner at Atomico and a Board Member in high-growth B2B startups such as Qatalog, Sheeld Market, Vaayu, and Abacum. Terese has extensive experience as both a marketing operator and an investment partner, having worked for many well-respected companies such as Google, and CapitalG, among others. This unique career path has provided her with a deep understanding on how to advise founders with strategic and operational insights.

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