Prepare for the unexpected with scenario planning software

Anticipate the future and take proactive action with scenario planning software. Let Abacum help you and your Finance team forecast the impact of your strategic decisions by defining clear objectives, assigning business drivers, and setting global variables in a customizable data model.

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Finance teams staying ahead with scenario planning

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Stop limiting yourself. Eliminate Excel from the equation

Tired of managing large amounts of data in Excel? Worried about maintaining confidentiality within your spreadsheets? With scenario planning software, you and your team can model multiple scenarios, no matter how complex or technical the circumstances may be. With Abacum, you can eliminate time-consuming and error-prone processes, build precise and easy-to-understand scenarios, and allow all business owners to provide their input through permission-based collaboration features.

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Stop making trade-offs, model with precision and accuracy

When conducting scenario planning in spreadsheets, precision and accuracy are not always compatible. The more precise you want your financial model to be, the more data you must input manually, which not only takes more time but also makes the information less up-to-date by the time you get your results. Abacum solves this issue by automatically consolidating large amounts of data into a single source of truth, allowing for precise and up-to-date scenario forecasts that take into account all available information. Leverage dimensional granularity to forecast revenues by product or expenses by vendor, unlocking more detailed and accurate visibility of your company’s future.

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Align everyone with Abacum’s intuitive interface

You don’t have to worry about whether your strategy leaders will understand your financial forecasts. By incorporating Abacum into your tech stack, you can ensure that your scenarios are easy-to-read, thanks to its intuitive visualizations. With our scenario planning software, you can filter relevant information and leverage user-friendly visualization options to share your analyses with stakeholders from any department.

Abacum's scenario reporting

Take a holistic approach toward the uncertain future

Integrating scenario planning software into your daily processes can provide detailed information on your financial health, and help you better prepare for an uncertain future. Modern technologies enable automated data gathering, input categorization from all sources, and analysis of information from all business units. The ability to quickly access relevant data will allow you to take greater ownership of your actions from a holistic perspective and make more impactful business decisions.

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Customizable integrations to fit your unique needs

Don’t worry about software compatibility. Abacum integrates with all sources, providing real-time forecasting with a seamless experience.

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What sets Abacum apart from other scenario planning tools?

Integration with all sources

All of your business’s data in one SSOT

Global variables

Consistent data across the entire company

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Dimensional granularity

Dimensional granularity

Using Abacum for scenario planning

Abacum is the business planning software for Strategic Finance leaders to drive operational performance and make informed decisions in real-time. With Abacum, you can define global variables and integrate large amounts of data from various locations into one source of truth. This enables you to model with consistent definitions and compare financial scenarios based on different key drivers and assumptions. Compared to spreadsheets, Abacum can provide you with greater granularity, enabling you to identify new growth opportunities early on, anticipate potential challenges in the coming months, and adjust your strategy to safeguard your company’s future financial position.

Stages of data processing in Abacum

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Javier Delgago

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“Communication and working cooperatively with other teams has been pivotal for us, and we do that really easily in Abacum.”


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Nerea de la Fuente

Finance Controller

“This is the future of reporting, no more Excels!”


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