KPI cheat sheet: Mastering the metrics

Did you know that KPIs and organizational performance go hand-in-hand? Find out how to track performance and gain valuable insights by downloading this helpful KPI cheat sheet.

kpi cheat sheet infographic

Curious to know which KPIs your finance team should be tracking? 

Key performance indicators, or KPIs, help an organization track performance, set benchmarks, identify strengths, and ultimately assess whether its growth initiatives are working. If you are looking to provide senior management with valuable insights to drive strategic decision-making, presenting KPI reports is an excellent place to start. 

Our team at Abacum has created this easy-to-follow cheat sheet that outlines all the most essential KPIs finance leaders should have on their radar. Whether calculating burn rate or ROI, this helpful resource is the perfect tool for any finance team looking to stay on track when analyzing financial performance

Download our KPI cheat sheet now to get started!

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