7 Growth tips for startups by Jenny Bloom‍

Every founder strives to lead their team to success. Not all teams know the path to get there. Jenny Bloom, CFO of Zapier, has cracked the code on how to scale a growing business and has outlined her top tips in this exclusive guide.

7 growth tips

Companies are never founded merely for the sake of it. Instead, founders put everything on the line to build something from nothing and watch their growing entity flourish. 

The path to growth is not always a straight and easy road. Your team may have to jump a few hurdles and clear a few roadblocks to achieve the success they strive for. But with the right mindset, perseverance, and strategy, anything is possible.

With that being said, building a full-fledged organization from the ground up is no simple feat. So how can you help a company thrive?

Jenny Bloom, CFO of Zapier, sat down with our team at Abacum to discuss her top growth tips all teams should follow.

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