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In today’s fast-paced business environment, effective forecasting is essential for informed decision-making. Join us for an exclusive webinar where industry experts will delve into the strategies utilized by top FP&A teams to create forecasts that drive impactful decisions.

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The event will cover:

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Bottom-up vs. top-down forecasting: Which approach suits your organization?

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Advantages and disadvantages of rolling forecasts

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Why should finance teams consider using business driver-based forecasts?

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What are common biases in forecasting, and how do you avoid them?

Meet the speakers:

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Christian Wattig

FP&A Educator

Christian Wattig is an energetic FP&A leader with 12+ years of experience at multinational consumer goods companies and fast-growing tech start-ups. As an entrepreneur, he teaches FP&A skills to finance teams and business leaders via his live online course FP&A Bootcamp.  

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Julio Martinez

Co-founder & CEO at Abacum

Julio is the Co-Founder and CEO of Abacum, the Automated FP&A platform for leading Finance teams. He was previously the Co-Founder and CEO of Innocells, where he launched four fintech startups to market, and former investment banker at Citigroup in the US, Switzerland, and Brazil.