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Create custom financial models with ease. Choose advanced financial modeling software to allow your Finance leaders to make informed business decisions based on real-time insights.

Financial modeling software

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Build flexible models for a strategic advantage

Step up your business game with advanced financial modeling software. With Abacum, you can create flexible models that are tailored to your company’s specific needs and goals, allowing you to make decisions faster based on real-time insights. By adopting financial modeling platforms, your company can improve cross-functional collaboration, streamline business workflows, and save time when assessing its current financial situation. This will allow you to focus on value-added activities instead of investing a considerable amount of time in repetitive tasks, and determine the best course of action every time.

Scenarios reporting in Abacum

Be the business partner your company needs

Helping your leadership team make sound financial decisions has never been easier. With advanced financial modeling software, your team can now collect inputs from various budget owners, conduct sensitivity analyses, maximize and maintain forecast accuracy with simplified driver creation, and link cause and effect to ease top management decision-making. Instead of wasting time gathering cross-organizational data, keep your financial team focused on driving change through real-time input from a single software, so they can provide the insights your CEO and investors need and care about.

Data sources connecting with Abacum's software

No more human errors on your projections

Spreadsheets fall far behind when it comes to modeling accuracy. Even though they are still popular among early-stage startups, as your model complexity increases, you shouldn’t need to go through countless tabs or endless, unrelated spreadsheets to forecast your business’s future performance. Transitioning from traditional to advanced software enables your Finance team to automate the process of creating financial projections, enhance cross-functional collaboration, and conduct all modeling processes in one place. Its advanced features will help you eliminate any trace of manual error with precision and generate detailed, reliable reports on your financial future.

Google sheets integrated with an OPEX report built in Abacum

Share progress with only 1-click

With just one click in Abacum, you can have complete visibility into your business’s financials, create interactive dashboards, generate reports in multiple formats, and share your insights with your stakeholders. Abacum’s advanced collaboration features allow you to maintain active communication with your business leaders, so you can ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals to drive operational performance like never before.

Monthly reforcast in Abacum showing collaboration between stakeholders

Forecast and manage your sales

Forecasting your company’s future performance doesn’t have to be a tedious task. With the help of financial modeling software, you can make precise financial predictions based on historical performance and current trends. Your team will be able to forecast and manage sales more accurately than ever before by adopting cutting-edge technologies. Advanced software will provide you with valuable information and a greater understanding of how changes in the market will impact your company in real-time. Abacum will serve as your greatest ally, enabling you to measure success against KPIs and making sure your business is always on top of its game.

Sales and Marketing reporting in Abacum

Bringing direct integrations to the forefront

Feeling the pain of a complex integration? Want to know if your ERP will connect with your financial modeling software? Worry no more. With Abacum, all workflows and business systems are welcome.

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What sets Abacum apart from other financial planning solutions?

Error prevention

Get the most out of your resources

One single source of truth

No more endless, unrelated spreadsheets

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100% data accuracy

Just press a button and get the results

Make your finances work smarter with Abacum

Abacum is a powerful financial modeling software that helps you make better decisions faster. It enables you to create custom models based on informed premises, calculations, and data from reality, making your analysis easier to interpret and visualize. Its suite of features includes advanced integrations, real-time collaboration, record-keeping capabilities, and the ability to export data for further reporting. Abacum’s intuitive user interface makes it easy for Finance leaders and business analysts to build complex financial scenarios with just a few clicks.

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Keeping Finance teams in sync at all times

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Javier Delgago

VP of Finance

“We went from budgeting in spreadsheets, to unlocking collaboration and better decisions with 30+ budget owners.”


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Pierina Nuques

Head of FP&A

“The onboarding process with Abacum was fast and efficient. We have now automated 20 hours of manual work.”


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Maria Lapucci

Senior FP&A Analyst

“With Abacum, we stopped budgeting by emailing spreadsheets. Our 30+ Budget Owners became collaborators, understood their performance, and gave us the visibility to plan with clarity.”


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