Maximize operational efficiencies with best-in-class financial forecasting software

Drive efficient growth with faster revenue forecasts, scenarios analysis, cost controls, and real-time performance reports.

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FP&A teams putting their forecasts into action with Abacum

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Model all of your business data from a single place

Abacum’s best-in-class integrations are designed to create a single source of truth that streamlines your entire forecasting process. Move away from disconnected Excel spreadsheets, and integrate your financial and operational KPIs in a single business planning platform. Abacum’s secure integrations ensure your financial data is always protected, enabling you to create accurate driver-based forecasting models.

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Forecast any KPI, dimension, or scenario

Transform your Excel spreadsheet models into dynamic and real-time forecasts. Abacum easily lets you connect your sales capacity model, headcount forecast, and operational plan to achieve a connected business planning experience. Easily define new metrics, leverage multi-dimensional financial modeling features to prepare bottom-up and top-down scenario plans in less time. Use Abacum to compare scenarios against each other, and uncover the “what’s next” behind any “why” to drive business decisions. Finally, with a user-friendly syntax and modeling templates, Finance teams can start delivering financial projections in no time.

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Financial forecasting that is flexible, accurate, and fast

Abacum lets you spend more time driving business decisions and less time building an operating plan. With Abacum, you can prepare a detailed forecast analysis and plan ahead with a predictable scenario. Flexibility is essential when forecasting, and Abacum lets you leverage custom formulas to define your driver-based financial models, and compare outcomes with scenario modeling functionality.

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Drive budgeting accountability with the rest of the business

Abacum empowers you to easily partner and collaborate with the rest of the business during the budgeting process. Finance teams can focus on providing stakeholders with context via intuitive financial reporting dashboards. Abacum’s granular user permissions enable you to control which users can provide budget inputs, toggle scenario assumptions, or make model changes, giving you complete control over your model. Free up time by automating financial performance reports, rolling forecasts, and cash-flow dashboards.

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Unlock real-time financial planning with direct integrations

Abacum integrates with your existing financial and operational systems to automatically clean and consolidate your metrics into a single financial planning and analysis software.

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Real-time financial forecasting

Integrate data from any business system like your ERP, CRM, HRIS, BI, and of course a spreadsheet.

Forecast with custom metrics

Combine financial and operational data to define custom metrics, unlock insights, and forecast the way your business needs you to.

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Financial models with unlimited dimensions

Forecast with unlimited dimension hierarchies, and easily create models that are both accurate and precise with an intuitive UI.

Automate your financial forecasting with Abacum

Abacum is the FP&A automation platform to drive efficient growth with faster revenue forecasts, scenario analysis, tighter cash flow controls, and stakeholder accountability. By being able to prepare your data consolidation in a single planning software, Abacum enables you to make data-driven forecasting decisions to improve your business’s financial performance.

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Join the companies using Abacum for financial planning

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David F.

FP&A Manager

“With Abacum we are able to budget and forecast at a lower level of granularity than we would be able to in Excel! It has been a game changer for our team!”

Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)

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Juan Carlos R.

Senior Accounting Manager

”With Abacum, I can create dynamic models in ways I would never be able to if I were still using spreadsheets.”

Mid-Market (51-1000)

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Pieter Hugo

Revenue Manager

“With Abacum, I have all the tools I need to answer the questions that would go unexplored before. I can write analysis, build graphs & inform our leadership team with recommendations.”


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