Financial planning software without the headaches

Gone are the days of manual copy-pasting & chasing budget owners over email. Stop wasting time on financial planning administrative tasks & start providing the strategic value your leadership team & investors expect from the finance team.

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Goodbye copy-paste, hello connectors

  • Access your modules, reporting structures, ledger entries and more through connectors you use most.
  • Sync data from a long list of ERP, HRIS, CRM, and other proprietary databases
  • Pull data together into the same model to make comparisons that everyone understands

Update your business plan automatically

  • Manage your financial and operational data efficiently, avoiding the data prep time suck
  • Drag-and-drop to customize account lines & timeframes in seconds
  • Refresh data whenever you want without manual manipulation
  • Export and import spreadsheets seamlessly
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product screenshot

See the full picture, not disjointed spreadsheets

  • Generate better insights to see the whole strategic picture
  • Save customized tables in a repository and conveniently duplicate for future use
  • Create performance graphs, pivot tables & waterfall charts with 1 click
  • Display data from external files & assets by simple linking in reporting spaces

Collaborate with your business partners

  • Converse with coworkers right next to your data, rather than long & confusing emails
  • Create spaces with specific data for specific people
  • Control access to spaces, view & edit rights for sensitive data
  • Tag users to share daily insight reports
  • Set automatic reminders to get information instead of chasing people
product screenshot
product screenshot

Create workflows for budgeting & cost control

  • Monitor and organize you & your collaborators to-dos
  • Add goals, milestones and deadlines to guide your colleagues
  • Visually track the status of your workflow for peace-of-mind
  • Track changes & updates with a handy change log

One design, multiple use-cases

Discover how your team can make the best use of Abacum

Tactical design

Our design principles are founded on giving you the quality experience to produce your best work ever

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Easily navigate through your company's financial landscape. Custom build  workspaces to represent your business, and easily stay on top of outstanding tasks, comments, and edits

icon of a lotus flower for distraction free benefit


A simple, clean and sleek interface  enables you to focus on what matters. Meaningful colors, legible typefaces and comprehensible icons drive productivity without getting in the way

icon of a magnifying glass with an avatar inside for user centered benefit


Jargon, formats, templates—all designed with the Finance persona in mind. Customize your experience and speed up analysis by switching time frames, versions, and groupings with one click

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