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Founders who implement FP&A software early ensure that their company is growing in the right direction. With Abacum, your process & system is put in place so you see the important numbers & can make swift decisions.

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Automation saves you time you already don’t have

Stop worrying when you need key operational & financial metrics but don’t have time to put it together. Abacum’s automation features lets you integrate data from your ERP, BI, CRM and more, in less than 5 minutes. That’s time you won’t get back from just any excel alternative.

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Put an end to multi- tab & confusing spreadsheets

When you don’t have a single source of data, you’ll be flipping between desktop windows just to see your various datasets. With Abacum’s FP&A software, you integrate all your systems then never have to manually pull data from them again. Start thinking better with your clean and organized desktop.

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Flexible data customization that any founder needs

Founding a business is never straightforward and founders never know what investors expect from them. Being able to customize data for your every need is vital to success. Our Table Builder feature allows you to slice n’ dice & filter data for different views. With that kind of flexibility, you win with your investors.

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