The business function known as Revenue Operations (RevOps) aims to keep all teams focused on revenue while coordinating sales, marketing, and customer success activities.

What is RevOps?

Revenue operations are defined as a business-to-business functionality that focuses on optimizing the whole customer lifecycle process. By aligning an organization’s processes, workflows, data, strategy, and technology, companies are better able to maximize their revenue potential. Today, revenue leaders help organizations revamp operations across internal teams, improve customer acquisition processes, boost go-to-market collaboration, and support the entire customer journey from start to finish. Not only does this provide management with a bird’s eye view of the company’s operations, but it also helps to streamline revenue processes and support rapid growth.

Why is RevOps important?

By having clear organizational alignment across your marketing, sales, and customer success teams, your company is better able to drive full-funnel accountability to support revenue growth while also creating a delightful experience for your customer journey.

In addition, RevOps can help increase profitability by reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and boosting productivity. It provides visibility into key performance indicators which provide greater insight to a management team.

Revenue Operations team responsibilities

The revenue team is focused on creating a strategic plan that aligns the company’s revenue objectives with its current business operations. By building a robust tech stack, aligning metrics from the go-to-market team, and establishing strong internal relationships, Revops leaders can better achieve revenue targets, improve internal collaboration, and support business growth objectives. 

Key responsibilities include:

• Developing a vision for how the company will operate in the future

• Aligning the company’s goals with its current operations

• Building a roadmap for the company’s future

• Establishing a culture of transparency and trust within the organization

• Supporting the company’s overall growth objectives

• Ensuring that the company has the right people in place to execute its plans

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