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Workforce-as-a-service: Changing the future of the recruiting industry

About the webinar:

Join Felipe Navio (Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Jobandtalent) and Julio Martinez (Founder & CEO at Abacum) as they discuss the role of blue-collar workers during the pandemic and the future of the recruiting industry with workforce-as-a-service. Felipe shares his insights from the last 13 years since founding the company and how his role as a Founder has evolved.

They covered:

  • Felipe’s thoughts on the future of the recruiting industry
  • The role blue-collar workers have played during the pandemic and how its changing
  • At which point in time does the finance function start to play a bigger role in a company’s growth
  • His learnings from these past 13 years since the founding of the company
  • How his role as a founder has evolved
  • Advice for other founders and employees at early-stage startups

About Felipe:

Felipe Navio, co-founder and co-CEO of Jobandtalent, was drawn to improve the recruiting market since he joined forces with his childhood friend and co-Founder, Juan Urdiales, and tried to create a Facebook for jobs. This idea allowed him to learn a lot about the space and later became what we know now as Jobandtalent. 

Together, they gave life to their vision of using technology to change the recruitment market and now the platform has become a global leader in the industry with more than 100.000 employees and presence in 8 countries. Let’s see what Felipe can tell us about his learnings in the long journey since Jobandtalent was founded 13 years ago and how Finance helped him to plan strategically the growth of the business.