Workforce-as-a-service: Changing the future of the recruiting industry

Join Felipe Navio (Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Jobandtalent) and Julio Martinez (Founder & CEO at Abacum) as they discuss the role of the blue-collar workforce during the pandemic and the future of the recruiting industry with the help of tech.

The way to find the right talent has changed thanks to the digitalization of the recruiting process and technological revolution of the job search that Jobandtalent has driven.

Felipe Navio, co-founder and co-CEO of Jobandtalent, was drawn to improve the recruiting market since he joined forces with his childhood friend and co-Founder, Juan Urdiales, and tried to create a Facebook for jobs. This idea allowed him to learn a lot about the space and later became what we know now as Jobandtalent. 

Together, they gave life to their vision of using technology to change the recruitment market and now the platform has become a global leader in the industry with more than 100.000 employees and presence in 8 countries. Let’s see what Felipe can tell us about his learnings in the long journey since Jobandtalent was founded 13 years ago and how Finance helped him to plan strategically the growth of the business.


Check out his answers when we asked him for his thoughts on the role of this new business model that Jobandtalent is leading in the industry and some advice for early-stage companies:

What do you think the role that this work-as-a-service will play in the coming years?

These have been amazing times for us because we mostly focus on the blue-collar population. The population that has been the forgotten workforce. No rights, no benefits, no perks. So, we saw an opportunity to give those workers job stability while giving flexibility to the companies. We are entering an era where the right of blue-collar workers especially is going to skyrocket.

What advice would you offer early-stage founders and employees to help them successfully accomplish this early on? And, what do you wish you knew in your early days at Jobandtalent?

Talent is the most relevant thing, getting the right people. But the right people are not always the best, because it's talent hand in hand with culture fit what really matters. You can have a soccer team and buy the best players, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to be the one with the most wins. So being focused on finding key people that fit into the culture it's relevant.

“The recruiting landscape right now represents an amazing opportunity for us to actually emerge as a brand that will take care of all the frontline workers population while helping companies to get flexibility, increased productivity and efficiency”

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