Get a complete view of your business with financial performance management software

Improve your financial management with Abacum. Start taking a proactive approach to budgeting and forecasting, while monitoring and analyzing your business operations in real-time to, ultimately, make smarter decisions that drive business growth.

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Streamline data management and focus on performance analysis

Abacum’s one-click data synchronization eliminates the manual copying and pasting required for data consolidation. Its streamlined workflows enable you to more efficiently collect data, define variables, and extract insights, all within the same platform, allowing you to focus on value-add tasks relevant to your company’s future performance. By optimizing your data management process, Abacum allows you to leverage your data for growth and make informed financial decisions to improve your bottom line.

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Balance precision and accuracy in financial modeling

In today’s fast-paced business environment, spreadsheets are no longer sufficient for effectively analyzing a company’s financial future. While still valid, they lack the dynamic capabilities required for accurate projections. To address this limitation, organizations can leverage financial performance management software, like Abacum, which provides accurate dimensional-level modeling. By consolidating and organizing all business data into a single, centralized platform, Abacum simplifies the forecasting process. This enables the delivery of detailed results segmented by customized dimensions, empowering finance leaders to plan based on precise and reliable figures. With Abacum, you can make better-informed decisions and effectively navigate your business’s financial performance in real-time.

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Break down data barriers for cross-departmental collaboration

Abacum is a robust business planning software that provides a complete suite of financial planning and analysis features. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with advanced collaboration and visualization tools, allows budget owners to effortlessly interpret and share complex financial performance data, enabling better foresight. Abacum’s finance workspace promotes transparency and collaboration across all levels of the organization, making it easy for everyone to participate in the process. By making Abacum a part of your tech stack, you will enable stakeholders from across your organization to take a more active role in the Finance process on a platform that is accessible to all, not just the spreadsheet-savvy.

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Join the new era of financial reporting with Abacum

Embrace the new era of financial reporting and upgrade your financial processes with our cutting-edge financial performance management software. Abacum’s powerful automation and data validation features allow you to save time and improve accuracy, while also streamlining the process of comparing actual financial results with expectations. Its customizable platform makes sharing insights with stakeholders a breeze, which enables you to spend more time planning for the future. Moreover, Abacum’s intuitive experience helps your team collaborate seamlessly and stay aligned on business objectives. Don’t get left behind in the old way of financial reporting. Join the new era with Abacum.

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As many integrations as your business needs

Abacum breaks down data barriers and empowers businesses to analyze and consolidate information from any source system with ease.

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Faster set up

Simplify the management of your data by consolidating it into a single source of truth

Dimensional level of data granularity

Elevate your decision-making by accessing detailed data insights

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User-friendly interface

Collaborate seamlessly with your team using an intuitive platform

Drive business growth with financial performance management software

Say goodbye to tedious spreadsheet management and empower your finance team’s efficiency with Abacum. With real-time data and a single source of truth for all your business information, our financial performance management software helps finance leaders make strategic decisions that drive business growth. Its user-friendly interface and visualization features facilitate cross-departmental collaboration, making it easy for non-financial stakeholders to get involved. Unleash the full potential of your Finance department with Abacum, gain detailed insights on your business performance, and achieve better alignment towards your company’s objectives.

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Be the finance hero your company needs

Join our Finance community and share how Abacum impacted your organization.

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Michael Cikanek

VP Finance

“Getting the investor report done quickly while having accurate analysis & insights to show, was a key priority for the finance team. I saw the time & effort it took to prepare the reports, & I thought that it could be done in a better & more efficient way.”


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Vicente Esteve


“It’s great to have a tool that also serves the interests and needs of our investors. Abacum will provide them an easy way to view our performance and interact with us.”


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Maria Ares

VP Finance

“With 8 countries and the complexity of dealing with multiple currencies, Abacum automated our manual tasks, accelerated the process of P&L reporting, and gave us more time to produce better analysis.”


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