Financial and operational data consolidation made easy

Say goodbye to endless hours spent trying to extract data from all your platforms. With Abacum, you can automate the data consolidation process and have a single source of truth right at your fingertips.

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Gain insights without sifting through endless spreadsheets

Accessing the right data can be a challenge for many businesses, especially when dealing with large amounts of unrelated spreadsheets or disconnected platforms. While spreadsheets are easy to create, many companies struggle to maintain them. This is because manually loading, cleaning, and validating all of a business’s data from multiple tabs is far from efficient. Luckily, Abacum can help you consolidate your data from multiple sources in a few clicks and transform it into valuable insights that drive decision-making and strategy development.

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Integrate all your business software into a single source of truth

Abacum can help you consolidate your business information from multiple data sources into a single location by directly integrating with countless software that store business data. By connecting all of your tools and bringing your data into a single source of truth, you can gain visibility, remove data silos, eliminate data duplication, and minimize human errors caused by copying and pasting.

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Simplify the process by making automation the priority

It is time to focus on value-adding activities and maximize your potential, instead of getting bogged down by manual, error-prone processes. Abacum enables you to automatically sync data from multiple sources in no time, saving you time and allowing you to concentrate on tasks that have a real impact on the business. This includes transforming raw data into highly accurate and actionable insights that will drive your company forward.

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Focus on obtaining game-changing insights through in-depth analysis

By leveraging the dimensionality of your raw data, Abacum allows you to consolidate data as standardized, categorized inputs from each of your data sources – all at a fraction of the time it would take with a spreadsheet. This approach not only ensures that your business units operate with the same information, but also enables you to analyze information with a granularity that other solutions can’t process. As a result, you can spend your time exploring how to extract and use business insights more effectively, allowing you to make better, faster decisions.

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No data source escapes us

Worried about whether your business software will connect with each other? Abacum integrates with all business systems, providing a single source of truth for a seamless experience.

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Minimize wasted time

Automate data consolidation to increase efficiency


Centralize multiple data sources in one location

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Execute faster

Get accurate data to make informed decisions faster

Go from chaos to order with consolidated data

Abacum is a powerful business planning software that helps you move from data to execution faster, allowing for more efficient decision-making. Its direct integrations and advanced collaboration features will allow you to centralize all of your company’s records in one place, creating a single source of truth that is accessible to your entire team. This allows you to make informed decisions based on accurate data, without having to waste time searching for information in multiple locations. With Abacum, you will be able to easily analyze different scenarios in real-time and make decisions based on a clear understanding of the business and the market.

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Join our community to sync all of your business data

Centralize, standardize, and simplify your data consolidation capabilities with Abacum.

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Javier Delgago

VP of Finance

“We went from budgeting in spreadsheets, to unlocking collaboration and better decisions with 30+ budget owners.”


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Frederikke Norborg

Strategic Finance

“We went from budgeting in spreadsheets, to unlocking collaboration and better decisions with 30+ budget owners.”


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Nerea de la Fuente

Finance Controller

“This is the future of reporting, no more Excels!”


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