Annual budgeting for the modern finance team: 2023 eBook

annual budgeting ebook

Is your Finance team prepared for budgeting season?

Creating an annual budget each year is typically a tedious, painstaking process.

Between the time-consuming manual work and the hours spent chasing down department heads for inputs, this fundamental financial process inherently involves a number of challenges. 

However, as the modern business landscape continues to evolve and grow in complexity, innovative technology and modern budgeting strategies have emerged, helping finance teams streamline daily processes and workflows – including the annual budgeting process.

By ditching spreadsheets and switching to an FP&A software, finance teams can speed up traditional budgeting processes, eliminate the risk of human error, collaborate with key stakeholders, and ultimately transform budgeting into an efficient (and headache-free) annual activity.

If you are looking to take a more innovative approach to this year’s budgeting season, Abacum has created the perfect resource to help you get started.

Our Annual Budgeting for the Modern Finance Team eBook presents a number of helpful tips from our experts to help you develop your budgeting process for 2023.

This eBook includes:

  • The importance of budgeting for business success
  • The common roadblocks of annual planning
  • Ways to improve your annual budgeting processes
  • Effective budgeting tips

Download our eBook now to see how your team can adopt a more strategic process this budgeting season.

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