The role & impact of finance teams at scaling companies: A fireside chat with Creandum's Peter Specht

Join Peter Specht (Creandum partner) & Julio Martinez (Abacum CEO) in this fireside chat where they discuss the role of finance teams in scaling companies and the potential impact they create if fully empowered.

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Join Peter Specht (Partner at Creandum) and Julio Martinez (Founder & CEO at Abacum) as they discuss the role of finance teams and the impact they have in driving the growth of the organization. Peter shares his insights from the point-of-view of an investor and what he and other VCs look for in finance teams when companies start scaling.


- Peter's thoughts on the growing fintech space and which companies he sees the most potential

- The role finance has played in the most successful companies Creandum has backed

- At which point in time does forecasting start to become crucial in a company's growth

- Peter's assessment of best-in-class finance teams across different stages of growth

- Developing and scaling finance talent

- The impact of COVID-19 on strategic finance


“Finance teams didn't have the tools to provide the value and data that others did, now this is changing with technology like BI and automation, giving more value to the operational data.”
Peter Specht, Partner at Creandum
A screenshot of the webinar with Peter Specht & Julio Martinez


With Abacum, we empower finance teams of high-growth tech companies to become true strategic partners in the organization by driving time-to-insight with powerful automation and seamless collaboration. Request a demo now to see the product live and start your own transformational journey.

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