About Abacum

Abacum takes its name from the abacus, the traditional calculating tool used in ancient times. It is a simple device, but its mechanism gave its user speed, precision, and a better way of doing business. Just like our platform.


We empower Finance teams to make organizations thrive through better decisions and faster execution.


To make every Finance team a hero in their organization.


icon customer obsession

Customer obsession

We share the understanding that Abacum's sole purpose is to create value for customers and relentlessly deploy all creativity and energy to that end.

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Audacious ambition

We dream big and embrace discomfort. We assume risks, make one-time mistakes and learn how to methodically accomplish our goals.

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Good people

We are self-reflective and praise diversity of thought. We don’t justify the means with the end and know where to draw the line. And we have fun every day.

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Tough love

We truly care for everyone in the team and embrace honest feedback and radical transparency as ways to genuinely help each other.

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