Drive efficient business performance with a best-in-class variance analysis software

Automate your variance analysis, track actuals against budget, easily deliver insights, and share variance reports to drive business performance.

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Automate your variance analysis with a single click

Automate your variance analysis with Abacum’s best-in-class integrations. Connect directly to your ERP or any other business system to have real-time actuals to budget comparison. Creating a variance analysis should not require manual data copy-paste, which is why Abacum natively supports data consolidations or multiple entities, saving you hours of manual work. Always have accurate and up-to-date BvA charts and tables that will roll forward at month end, as well as the flexibility to compare actuals against your budget, forecast, or any what-if scenario.

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Understand and analyze your business performance across any point in time

Look at the past, present, and future to gain a clear understanding of your business performance. Drill down to your source transactions for instant reporting granularity, and the ability to understand the reason behind any positive or negative variance. Abacum transforms your data into insights by enabling you to slice and dice across any metric, time period, or scenario. Understanding what is really impacting future or actual performance has never been so seamless.

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Drive efficient growth and stay on track by connecting all the dots

With Abacum, you can create top-down, department, and vendor level BvAs to easily review actual figures against targets. It will never take you more than a couple of clicks to compare your business model against actuals, and update your forecast with the latest insights. By connecting all the dots, you can start identifying potential issues and taking corrective action early, ensuring your company is always on course to achieve its strategic objectives. Start using Abacum to drive informed decisions and owning an accurate and precise forecast.

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Share the impact of every decision to drive business performance and accountability

Build cross-functional alignment, centralize performance, give each budget owner access to their own variance details, and leverage robust user permissions to securely manage and share variance reports. With Abacum, sharing the full context of each line item has never been so simple, budget owners can directly provide commentary behind any variance or submit their latest re-forecast for approval. With this level of insight your business can start making the necessary data driven decisions that support your strategic objectives.

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Automate your variance analysis with direct integrations

Abacum connects with your current financial and operational systems to automatically consolidate your metrics and create a BvA performance report.

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Reduce OPEX costs

Centralize all your vendor level spend to easily perform any analysis or forecast future decisions

Seamless reforecasting workflows

FP&A and budget owners can use automation workflows and approvals to easily reforecast spend

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Intuitive reporting experience

Budget owners have real-time access to all the context of any reporting variance, so they can focus on the what and why behind it

Understand your the why of your performance with automated BvA reports

Abacum offers automated variance analysis reports for startups looking to optimize their financial performance and drive efficient growth. By providing clarity, automation, and a holistic approach to financial planning and analysis, Abacum will enable you to make data-driven decisions that will improve your business’s bottom line.

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Join the companies using Abacum to streamline their board reporting

Join our community to improve your board reporting and be prepared for your meetings.

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Maria Ares

VP Finance

“Having global operations across 8 countries, Abacum completely automated our manual reporting processes, accelerated our management and board reporting process, and gave us more time to focus on driving strategic decisions.”


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Pablo L.


“Abacum is very helpful if you are looking for a collaborative financial planning and analysis tool that helps you with your budget preparation, variance analysis and reporting processes.”

Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

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Francesc M.


“With Abacum, we stopped budgeting by emailing spreadsheets. Our 30+ Budget Owners became collaborators, understood their performance, and gave us the visibility to plan with clarity.”


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