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Cash Runway Calculator

Use this cash runway calculator to see how long your company will be able to stay in business before running out of its cash reserves.

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Do you know how long your cash runway is?

This Cash Runway Calculator will allow you to play with different scenarios to see how they will affect your cashflows over time. When considering the current market conditions, startups are now faced with higher inflation and less startup funding than ever before.

This means that today’s startups will have to learn how to weather the storm and slow down their cash burn rate if they are going to make it through this challenging period. To help startups navigate this new level of uncertainty and plan for what lies ahead, our team at Abacum has created this intuitive Cash Runway Calculator.

Keep your cash burn rate in check

With this template you will be able to:

  • Forecast cashflows
  • Play with different scenarios to see how they will affect your runway
  • Calculate the extent of your cash runway and burn rate
  • Discover opportunities to extend your runway and devise a strategy

Download now the Cash Runway Calculator to help your company uphold its cash reserves to make sure you have sustainable growth.

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